Keeping your word - Staying True

Stay true and honest to yourself – keep your word
Nobody cares what you know, until they know how much you care.

Be the example of not making excuses

Overview: Integrity is one of those traits that has multiple levels of positive reasons behind practicing this trait. Even people who disagree with you can generally respect someone who keeps their word and can define their why, and why their view is staying true to themselves. If this person with integrity also understands respect. Integrity in these forms helps a person find direction in building the foundation of their being. Which is another version of the definition of integrity. Wholeness or oneness put together into a strong structure that supports itself.

 Keeping your word and promises promotes trust with the people around you. It builds trusting relationships with your parents, teachers, and peers. They will begin to show you respect as a person who follows through with things they promise. It shows you to be trustworthy, earning you more freedom and responsibility. Integrity also shows you to be reliable, a trait most sought after in a friend!

Staying true and honest with yourself and how you feel is a rewarding journey all on its own. It is a path of learning about yourself, and learning how to define it, as well as adjust it, over time. It is a very respectable approach to discovering the best that you have to offer yourself, and others.

Parent: Integrity is one of those words that can be difficult to define to kids in its entirety. Taking a piece at a time to work on is one way to approach this. This characteristic is most easily taught through repeated friendly support and reminders.

Integrity is something that can definitely give a person an edge in today’s world. Whether it be in relationships, school, career, or other goals. Being a person who strives to maintain their trustworthiness and reliability, as well as one that can articulate their why behind their thoughts and is not afraid to make adjustments as they learn, is a trait many people seek out in those they would surround themselves with.  Allowing them to blaze their own path if they choose, or to lead a team very well.

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