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So you can help your kids be the best them they can be.

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These moral and life skill based children's stories will help you have the best relationship possible with your children from day one. 
Besides, what better examples through the years of learning how to read?

You can use them to help you children grow and learn how to navigate the world around them in an easier way. It can be tough to remember to relate to your children when you have all those adulty things going on. I'm here to help.

They were so wildly popular with parents and kids alike that we continue to use them in our classes to this day. Now we want to share our personal children's books with you to use at home!  Browse by Categories for digital children's books such as:

Courtesy - Discipline - Integrity - Focus - Patience - Compassion - Perseverance - Respect - Honesty - Confidence
children stories for moral and ethical emotional development through kids stories.

Why parents choose us

My wife and I have decades of experience not only writing children's stories, but as story tellers to large groups of children as well. 
Many parents choose us because of how much we genuinely care about our influence and impact on the world.
We set out to make the world feel like a better place for everyone in it. It starts with you. We can all learn to be better teammates to the world and those around us.
We want you and your children to be able to be the best at being you.
We care as parents with one of our own trying to navigate the scary waters of parenting. We care as mentors and teachers to hundreds of children in our area because we don't want them to grow up like we did.
Use our digital children's books. Read together today!

No one cares what you know, until they know that you care

We believe in the importance of setting quality communication between kids and parents.
Through stories, reading, and other hands on activities, children are given opportunities to make sense of and develop an understanding of the growing world around them.
Our stories are designed to help them learn to cope with the world and gain emotional intelligence and maturity safely and supported!
We have been dedicated to being a phenomenal resource and parenting teammate in our local area for years. Now you can check out these amazing digital children's stories for yourself.

Families that have found success in creating amazing experiences and communication with their children through our stories.

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