Perseverance - never give up

kaizen - constant and consistent improvement through changing one small piece at a time and taking daily action to your goals.

The two minute mark you will hear me talk about how we deal with setting great examples for kids on when it is okay, and not okay, to quit something.

Of course if an activity is fun, then kids are far less likely to quit!

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Overview: Perseverance is the ability to keep trying without giving up despite difficulty or how long it may take to achieve the desired level of success. In martial arts, many say that one of our goals is to strive for perfection, and yet martial artists who have been training for some time will all also tell you that perfection is unattainable.

 Perseverance is perhaps one of the most important aspects to success in any endeavor. No matter how good (or bad) a person may be at something the first time they try it, the more they try, continue, and stick with it, the better they will get. The degree of skill, mentally and physically, that you can attain is regulated by your own perseverance. Often it is the challenges, the hard things that we have to do or go through in life that help us to grow. If we quit every time something gets hard, then would we ever know what it is to accomplish something? The beauty of perseverance is that over time, you can begin to see that with enough effort, work, and time. There are few to no limits on what you can accomplish. The only person who can place a limit on what you can do or achieve, is you.

Parent: Often, the harder the challenge; the greater the worth of the accomplishment. It is important to remember that building or learning any sort of skill requires time and patience as well as perseverance. How much time? That is different for everyone and every challenge you may face. A lot of times in today's world we see the world and everything in it moving around us very quickly and feel like we have to struggle to keep up sometimes. Often if we find we are not good at something in a few attempts or maybe after trying for a month we tend to give up, move on to something else, never knowing what we could have accomplished in our original endeavor. To have truly great skill at anything, takes years of development, not months.


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